Tests and Exams: Slifer level.

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Tests and Exams: Slifer level. Empty Tests and Exams: Slifer level.

Post  ChazzAngel00 on Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:55 pm

Yes people, there will be tests and exams to get you in shape, don't worry though: Since you're starting at the very bottem of the barrel the questions will be in-your-face easy and if you pay enough attention you'll be up to higher ranking dorms where the competition is sure to get really extrem.

Overall though we're here to have fun but at the same time we also want to make sure that you understand the bare basics so that way you don't look and feel like a complete idiot (trust me, we've all had those moments).

So here's how it will break down: Starting next week, I will post a test labled "Slifer Red Exam". Pretty self explanatory, I put down 10 questions regarding card effects, monster types or sometimes I'll even throw a trick question or two to keep you from falling asleep. If you succeed in getting them right, I give you what's called a Duel point (I'll explain later as we get more ppl in) deul points can be used to move up to the more advanced dorms. 5 duel points and you can move up to Ra Yellow or.....8 duel points will move you up to Obelisk Blue.

How will you keep track? Don't worry about it, I'll be having a list of all the names and duel points you each have. Wanna know how much you have? Pm me and I'll tell you, want to use your points? Pm me and I'll make it happen.

Any questions? You know the drill.

First test will be posted next Tuesday, once posted, take as much time as needed, you have until midnight of Saturday (Pacific time) to answer em all. To answer em just post a reply under the test post with the answers, dont need to add the questions, just make sure to lable the answers so that I know what question goes with what answer (exm: Question 1: Answer 1: or just 1. 2. 3. and so forth.)

I'll be nice, get at least 6 out of 10 right and you'll get the duel point. When we start getting more people in i'll extend to include practice duels which if you partake and get em right you'll earn duel points that way.

Anything else? Just sent me a pm if you're at all confused, just dont' expect me to answer back quick like, I may not always be on here 24/7 I got a life outside this you know.

With that said I look forward to seeing you guys in action. Have fun in Slifer Red.

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